Quote I’m Thinking About

“Leadership is influence nothing more nothing less.” – John C. Maxwell I’m a big fan of John Maxwell and his philosophy, but when I ran across this quote from his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, I found myself shaking my head.  It may serve as a good soundbite, but leadership is much more than […]

What Problem are you Trying to Solve?

John Fenzel Blog "Leadership: What Problem Are You Solving?"

When I first started speaking on the topic of leadership, a friend asked me, “What problem are you trying to solve?” It caught me somewhat off-guard, but it was exactly the right question to ask, because it focused me toward what I knew was an unmet need. The “Problem Statement.”   I thought about that […]

Life As Story

John Fenzel What's Your Story?

Think of your life as an ongoing story, with acts and scenes, as in a book or a movie. Now, ask yourself, what is the plot of your story?  Who are the main and supporting characters?   Every story has at least one conflict its protagonist must resolve.  What’s the main obstacle you’re trying to overcome in your […]

Story I’m Thinking About

John Fenzel Stephen King on Books

We’re all trying do more with the time we have in our day, to include reading more books.  I ran across this story from Neil Pasricha at Harvard Business Review about author Stephen King: “…Stephen King had advised people to read something like five hours a day. My friend said, “You know, that’s baloney. Who […]

March 9th Tickets Available Now: Guided Walking Tour of Arlington National Cemetery

Tickets for our March 9th tour are available now! We all lead through our own example! And there is no better place to illustrate that basic truth than at Arlington National Cemetery. One of our nation’s most compelling—and little-known—leadership experiences can be found at Arlington. Among its tombstones and memorials lie American paupers and presidents; […]

Leadership Experience: A Walking Tour of Arlington National Cemetery

In our search for leaders and role models, Arlington National Cemetery is one place where the men and women who have led, served and sacrificed for our nation now reside for the ages. Visiting their graves is a unique opportunity and privilege that’s available for all of us to take advantage of— to learn about […]

Eliud Kipchoge: The World’s Fastest Man

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It’s one thing to be the fastest runner in the world. It’s another to be the fastest man in world history. That man is Eliud Kipchoge. And you’ve probably never heard of him. If you have 5 spare minutes, Eliud Kipchoge’s story is pretty amazing. If you listen to the end, there’s a lesson about […]

Live and Lead For the Sake of Example

John Fenzel For the Sake of Example

If you’ve ever used the acronym, “e.g.,”—short for the Latin, exempli gratia—it’s interesting to note the literal English translation:  “for the sake of example.”  Similarly, we often begin our best stories or explanations with the phrase, “For example….”  In doing so, we’re able to illustrate and illuminate our thoughts and more effectively reinforce our arguments.   The […]

Leadership Isn’t Exclusive. It’s Inclusive.

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Just last month I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Mercurio at Offit Kurman about my thoughts on leadership.  One of the key principles I shared with him, and that I talk about in my leadership development lectures is that leadership is not something that is exclusive. It’s inclusive. We ALL are leaders […]