Battlefield Leadership Training & Tours

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“Thanks for making the trip so memorable and fun.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a battlefield trip that was as entertaining.  I found myself anticipating what might be at the next stop, but always pleasantly surprised.”

– Colonel Kevin Guthrie, USA


“Leadership Lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg”   (Seminar and Battlefield Tour) 

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If you are seeking a truly transformative leadership development experience and an innovative alternative to the traditional executive offsite for your team, the Battle of Gettysburg Leadership Seminar and Tour will meet all of your team’s objectives.  During the first three days in July 1863, two great armies engaged in the most violent collision the North American continent has ever seen.  The Battle of Gettysburg is often described as a turning point in our history, and it is also, arguably, the greatest manmade disaster our nation has ever experienced.  Today, the lessons from that battle are very much alive, and directly relevant to anyone who is interested in improving their own capabilities, both as a leader and as a follower.  Through a fully interactive discussion in a classroom seminar, and the tour of the battlefield the next day, John will actively involve each of your team members as if they were there as a key leader in the battle.  The Gettysburg Battlefield Leadership Tour is an unforgettable experience that will empower your team members to meet challenges, adapt to change, communicate effectively, and solve complex problems. (1 – 1.5 Day Program)

“Hallowed Ground: A Tour of Arlington National Cemetery”

We all lead through our own example! And there is no better place to illustrate that basic truth than at Arlington National Cemetery. One of our nation’s most compelling—and little-known—leadership experiences can be found at Arlington. Among its tombstones and memorials lie American paupers and presidents; soldiers and civilians; warriors and peacemakers. All of whom gave at least a portion of their lives to the defense and preservation of freedom and liberty. Many of these men and women we can never forget; most we will never know. The lives of these men and women reflect the history of our nation from its inception to today. New chapters of our history are reflected in the tombstones that are added daily, at a rate of 25 per day. Every man, woman, and child who now rest at Arlington have distinct stories that illustrate leadership, service and sacrifice.  From John J. Pershing and Omar Bradley to John F. Kennedy and Joe Louis, John’s tour of Arlington National Cemetery is like no other, providing a unique and unforgettable window to those extraordinary stories in his compelling and inspirational graveside commentary.  John’s Leadership Experience at Arlington National Cemetery is fully interactive and tailored to each group’s unique needs, with a full discussion of leadership themes and notable personalities along the way.  Here at Arlington, each of the monuments and tombstones speak to us. All that remains for us is to listen. (3 Hour Program)

“Leadership Lessons from D-Day”   (Seminar and Battlefield Tour of Normandy, France)

The D-Day Leadership Experience in Normandy is tailored to meet your intent, objectives and desired focus in leadership training for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that extends well beyond the conventional tour in historical substance and leadership theory. The program provides its participants with a transformative leadership experience that’s memorable, meaningful, and one that has an enduring value on corporate participants’ critical thinking and decision-making process.

5 days is an ideal duration for the D-Day Leadership Experience & Training; however, the timeframe can be tailored to meet the needs of a corporate leadership training experience that will convey real value for an organization. The program delivers a high ROI along with an experience that is custom made, addressing the corporate leadership training needs for your organization. The Leadership Experience allows participants to visit key highlights on the Normandy Battlefield, with an interactive, full discussion at every site – demonstrating how critical thinking at all levels during D-Day and the Battle for Normandy can be applied to today’s corporate leadership’s decision-making process.

By design, all of our visits begin at the Normandy American Cemetery and include visits to Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold Beaches, as well as Pointe du Hoc, Sainte Mere Eglise, la Fiere Bridge, Sainte Marie du Mont, Pegasus Bridge, and Brecourt Manor.  Participants will visit the very locations where the 2nd Ranger Battalion, the 6th Airborne, and Easy Company fought the opening salvos of the Battle for Normandy and beyond.

Through fully interactive on-site discussions, you will get to know leaders like Major Dick Winters, Lieutenant Colonel James Rudder, Brigadier General Norman Cota, Frank D. Peregory, The Niland brothers, Capitaine Philippe Kieffer, C.S.M. Stanley Hollis, Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., Major General Jim Gavin, Major John Howard…and a veritable multinational cast of leaders–through their eyes, and through the critical decisions they made–at an important turning point in world history.  By walking the ground they walked, seeing the obstacles they faced and understanding the extraordinary sacrifices they and their men made, you will leave Normandy with a profound view of leadership, service, courage and responsibility.