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Communications is the lifeblood of any business. John’s extensive expertise applies an integrated approach to corporate communications that extends well beyond conventional public relations–beginning with mission, core values, and customer service. John believes that preparing a team for unanticipated challenges now is the best way to avert crises later. John works with individuals, teams and corporate leaders to build effective internal and external communications systems designed that lead to higher ground. 

  • CEO Speechwriting
  • Media Releases
  • Copy Editing
  • Board Meeting Presentations
  • Quarterly and Annual Reports
  • Social Media Communications


When the Five Star contacted me regarding a Keynote address I immediately thought of John Fenzel. I have always been a fan of his writing skills as an author, corporate communications and even his emails. John was gracious enough to take on my request and the end result was a speech that I was very comfortable with and it literally “knock the ball out of the park”. As someone who is asked to speak, I will always ask John for his help.” – HONORABLE JOE MURIN, Former President Ginnie Mae