“Hallowed Ground: A Walking Tour of Arlington National Cemetery”

January 19, 2019

Open to The Public

Immediately Following Wreaths Across America Wreath Retrieval / Clean-up

$40/person (children ages 16 and under are free).

9am-12pm. Meet at JFK Gravesite (At the Sign for “Weeks Avenue”). Dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes.

John Fenzel Arlington National Cemetery

If you are participating in Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery wreath retrieval / clean-up on January 19, 2019, you are invited to accompany John Fenzel on a guided three-hour walking tour of Arlington National Cemetery.  John’s tour of Arlington National Cemetery is fully interactive, with discussions of select historical personalities along the way. From Audie Murphy, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Thurgood Marshall, to John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Joe Louis and many more notable Americans, John’s tour of Arlington National Cemetery is like no other.

Through compelling memorial and graveside commentary, you will walk away with unforgettable, inspirational, and little-known insights into the extraordinary lives of the men and women whose stories reflect the history of our nation—from the Revolutionary War to today.

Full refunds are available upon request until 9am ET on 1/17/19. Please email claire@johnfenzel.com for refund request.


About John’s Battlefield Leadership Training & Tours

John believes leadership cannot be solely taught–it must be experienced. Through his own unique lens as a combat veteran and former C-Level executive, John offers interactive tours of Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War II battlefields–extending from Valley Forge and Yorktown to Gettysburg and Normandy.

All of his battlefield tours are fully customized and experiential; and while they will offer unique historical perspectives, they are primarily designed to convey enduring leadership lessons that directly relate to your company or organization.

Looking For An Innovative Alternative to the Traditional Executive Offsite For Your Team?

John’s “Hallowed Ground: A Tour of Arlington National Cemetery” is a truly transformative leadership development experience easily accessible from Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon.  We all lead through our own example! And there is no better place to illustrate that basic truth than at Arlington National Cemetery. One of our nation’s most compelling—and little-known—leadership experiences can be found at Arlington.

Among its tombstones and memorials lie American paupers and presidents; soldiers and civilians; warriors and peacemakers. All of whom gave at least a portion of their lives to the defense and preservation of freedom and liberty. Many of these men and women we can never forget; most we will never know. The lives of these men and women reflect the history of our nation from its inception to today. New chapters of our history are reflected in the tombstones that are added daily, at a rate of 25 per day.

Every man, woman, and child who now rest at Arlington have distinct stories that illustrate leadership, service and sacrifice.  From John J. Pershing and Omar Bradley to John F. Kennedy and Joe Louis, John’s tour of Arlington National Cemetery is like no other, providing a unique and unforgettable window to those extraordinary stories in his compelling and inspirational graveside commentary.

John’s Leadership Experience at Arlington National Cemetery is fully interactive and tailored to each group’s unique needs, with a full discussion of leadership themes and notable personalities along the way.  Here at Arlington, each of the monuments and tombstones speak to us. All that remains for us is to listen. (1 Day Program)


About John Fenzel

As a retired senior Army Special Forces Officer (Green Beret) and author of three acclaimed novels, John shares his experiences from the West Wing of the White House and the E-Ring of the Pentagon, to the many war zones he has operated in around the world. John relates the power of humanity in the face of searing conflict; of friendship in the wake of crisis; overcoming adversity; and the enormous value of storytelling, its lost art, and the tremendous importance it holds for leaders and for future generations alike.

Whether he is delivering a Keynote or a seminar, John is always bold, thoughtful and dynamic in his presentation. With high takeaway quality, and punctuated with personal stories that extend from the White House Situation Room to conflict zones in the Middle East, his message is powerful, entertaining, and is always delivered eloquently—with the kind of high energy, humor, and passion that everyone in attendance will remember for years to come.

John lives with his wife and three children in Annapolis, MD. John is the author of three acclaimed novels, The Lazarus Covenant (2009), The Sterling Forest (2016) and The Fifth Column (2018).   For more information on John and his leadership development keynote lectures and battlefield tours visit his website at www.johnfenzel.com.

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