Had The Privilege to Meet this Korean War Veteran Today

John Fenzel Meeting a Korean War Veteran

Ciri and I had the privilege to meet this Korean War Veteran today. His name is John Goedeke. He was a Soldier in the 34th Infantry Regiment. The 34th was the first full American regiment deployed in combat in the Korean War—and they suffered grievous casualties during the war because they were not given the training or logistical support necessary to effectively fight and win prior to their deployment. Nonetheless, the Regiment’s Soldiers performed no less heroically, with what they had. As we were talking, John pulled out a memo dated 65 years ago today, announcing the cease fire and armistice for the Korean Peninsula. Zoom in on the photo to see the text—pretty extraordinary. John is a wonderful American, who loves his country, his native State of Maryland, and our Army (see his pins!)—and he’s a lifelong learner. Now, there’s a story!

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