Leadership Keynote: The Enduring Value of Storytelling & How to Use Stories as a Method for Achieving Your Goals

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All good leaders are effective storytellers—because they must communicate their story constantly. They understand all of the dynamics of a good story.  Through his own experience as a senior Army Special Forces officer who has operated throughout the world’s war and crisis zones, and a novelist, John’s leadership keynote, “The Enduring Value of Storytelling” shows audiences how to think about stories and storytelling as a routine method to achieving goals.

“The Enduring Value of Storytelling” leadership keynote is ideal for emerging leaders and experienced leaders alike, and shows how storytelling is one of the few ways to handle the most important and difficult challenges of leadership.

This message is best delivered in two parts:  As a Keynote Speech, and then as a working seminar with your team. This leadership keynote on storytelling will leave your team with a strong understanding of the “The Five C’s of Storytelling”, story structure and frameworks, case studies of successful corporate storytelling, how to incorporate storytelling into company strategy, how to effectively tell stories in a digital age and compare breakthrough “StoryBranding” to conventional marketingInterested in learning more about John’s keynote speeches? Contact John Fenzel & Company for more information.


About John Fenzel

John Fenzel, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Historian

As a retired senior Army Special Forces Officer (Green Beret) and author of three acclaimed novels, John shares his experiences from the West Wing of the White House and the E-Ring of the Pentagon, to the many war zones he has operated in around the world. John relates the power of humanity in the face of searing conflict; of friendship in the wake of crisis; overcoming adversity; and the enormous value of storytelling, its lost art, and the tremendous importance it holds for leaders and for future generations alike.

Whether he is delivering a Keynote or a seminar, John is always bold, thoughtful and dynamic in his presentation. With high takeaway quality, and punctuated with personal stories that extend from the White House Situation Room to conflict zones in the Middle East, his message is powerful, entertaining, and is always delivered eloquently—with the kind of high energy, humor, and passion that everyone in attendance will remember for years to come.

John lives with his wife and three children in Annapolis, MD. John is the author of three acclaimed novels, The Lazarus Covenant (2009), The Sterling Forest (2016) and The Fifth Column (2018).   For more information on John and his leadership development keynote lectures and battlefield tours visit his website at www.johnfenzel.com.

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