Life As Story

John Fenzel What's Your Story?

Think of your life as an ongoing story, with acts and scenes, as in a book or a movie. Now, ask yourself, what is the plot of your story?  Who are the main and supporting characters?  

Every story has at least one conflict its protagonist must resolve.  What’s the main obstacle you’re trying to overcome in your life?  

Adversity, of course, comes in different shapes and sizes.  Whether it’s created by yourself, someone else, by nature, destiny, society, technology, or by the unknown, the way we go about resolving our conflict is what makes our stories—and our lives—so compelling.  

How are you going about resolving the conflicts in your life?

Think about the best stories you’ve enjoyed. Whether it’s in a book, on TV, or in a movie, by the end, the protagonist has changed in a significant, often pretty radical way.  The change comes as the result of working through adversity, conquering it, and through the help of personal relationships. 

Every story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.  

With that in mind, where would you place yourself  in the progression of your story?  Act I?  II?   Or III?

But first, above all else:  What is your story?

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