Leadership Experience: A Walking Tour of Arlington National Cemetery

In our search for leaders and role models, Arlington National Cemetery is one place where the men and women who have led, served and sacrificed for our nation now reside for the ages. Visiting their graves is a unique opportunity and privilege that’s available for all of us to take advantage of— to learn about their enduring impact, as well as the great challenges each of them overcame in their lives.
Their stories embody the history of our nation.

Arlington National Cemetery is a place where we can meet the Warriors, Statesmen and Poets of our nation’s past. Getting to know them, and hearing their stories is perhaps the best way we can honor them, and see a path ahead for ourselves. Nowhere else can we meet and become personally acquainted with such a variety of people—Presidents, Commanders Privates, Astronauts, Citizens, Scientists, Inventors and Explorers.

On Saturday—Wreaths Across America’s wreath pickup day—I led a group of men and women on a walking tour of Arlington National Cemetery. Throughout the morning, we honored the memories of those who fought, served and sacrificed on our behalf—Thurgood Marshall, Joe Louis, Lee Marvin, John F. Kennedy, Audie Murphy…and so many more! It was a very meaningful experience.

We’ll be doing these leadership tours of Arlington often in the months ahead, and we look forward to being with you on one of them soon!

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