We Are Each the Authors Of Our Own Stories

John Fenzel We Are Each Authors Of Our Own Stories

All of us dream, plan, and build our lives as best we know how— and then fate suddenly intervenes and tears everything asunder.   It’s a luxury to find those events that we’re able to influence, because for the vast majority of what life throws at us, we have no real control.  In those instances, we just do the best we can.  We pray.  And we trust that everything will work out to be fine in the end.

When the ramps open, we rely on our fellow man, everything we’ve been trained and taught through the years, and we lean on our our faith, relentlessly moving forward toward an objective that’s, more often than not, vague and I’ll-defined.  Seemingly unreachable.  But we continue to push ahead regardless of any adversity that faces us.

Our life stories are made even more compelling through the adversity we face and overcome together.  We find ourselves shaping the previously amorphous objectives that have been established for ourselves along the way.

In the end, it’s our stories that are what make all the difference.  They’re what help future generations move forward in a common direction, toward goals seemingly larger than themselves.

That’s courage.

How, then, will you be remembered?

For all of us, it’s our own personal decision to make, but one thing is always certain:  we are the ones who wield our own pens.  Because we are each the authors of our own stories.

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John Fenzel, Keynote Speaker, Author, and HistorianABOUT JOHN

As a retired senior Army Special Forces Officer (Green Beret) and author of three acclaimed novels, John shares his experiences from the West Wing of the White House and the E-Ring of the Pentagon, to the many war zones he has operated in around the world. John relates the power of humanity in the face of searing conflict; of friendship in the wake of crisis; overcoming adversity; and the enormous value of storytelling, its lost art, and the tremendous importance it holds for leaders and for future generations alike. Whether he is delivering a Keynote or a seminar, John is always bold, thoughtful and dynamic in his presentation. With high takeaway quality, and punctuated with personal stories that extend from the White House Situation Room to conflict zones in the Middle East, his message is powerful, entertaining, and is always delivered eloquently—with the kind of high energy, humor, and passion that everyone in attendance will remember for years to come.  Learn more about John on his website, www.JOHNFENZEL.com


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