Article I’m Reading: 50 Ways The World is Getting Better

50 Ways The World is Getting Better, by Ben Carlson

Everyday, we’re bombarded with terrible news of wars, conflict, crime, dictatorships, and natural disasters, and it would be tempting to think everything is falling apart around us.  Fueled by the internet and social media, our information about what’s wrong in the world is becoming more efficient. So now, we not only hear about disasters, we experience them. In actuality, though, we’ve been on an upward trend for some time. If you’re looking for good news, Carlson’s article is a good place to start.

Key Excerpts:  

“In reality, this is the greatest time in history to be alive…

“In 1905, a Vermont doctor and his chauffeur were the first to successfully drive a car across country from San Francisco to New York. It took them 63 days. Today you can fly cross country in a matter of hours while using wireless Internet….”


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