Book I’m Reading: D DAY Through German Eyes

D DAY Through German Eyes – The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944 (Books 1 & 2), by Holger Eckhertz

My sister, Lisa, gave me a copy of this book for Christmas, and I’ve found it to be a fascinating and unique account of the D-Day invasion. It addresses a real gap in the history of the Battle of Normandy–the perspective of the German soldiers. The editor’s grandfather was a propaganda journalist for Nazi Germany and conducted the interviews of German soldiers in Normandy. The stories are revealing, often harrowing, and provide a window into the battle that’s otherwise hard to come by. The main criticism of the book is that I would have liked to have seen footnotes, photos and more supporting documentation of the German soldiers interviewed.

Key Interview Excerpt: 
“The fact is…that we Germans were sent there to defend the beach and the Americans were sent there to attack it and occupy it. If our roles were somehow reversed, would the Americans have chosen to fight any differently from the way that we fought?”



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